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Hey there, it’s Sean. I wanted to share with you some recent changes that have taken place in my life. I have been fighting thyroid cancer since December 2011. As you might imagine, this was devastating news to my family and friends. The days and weeks following my diagnosis were filled with fear and grief. Obviously. The scariest part is waiting to find out if the cancer has spread, and what else was infected with this bitch of a disease. In my case, it infected my thyroid and a small amount spread to nearby neck tissue. My newly assembled team of doctors were optimistic I would have a favorable outcome. They told me I would have a pretty invasive neck surgery to remove my thyroid and other tissues that may have been infected. Then a hefty dose of radioactive iodine to eradicate all remaining cancer cells left behind.

To this point, I was, lets say, pretty depressed with a touch of scared thrown in. Fast forward a few months, I have had two surgeries, a crazy week of radiation therapy, and countless doctor appointments. On the other hand, I have also written some of my favorite songs with my closest friends, recorded said songs with the best producer in the world, and played concerts for thousands of people. And I think that is the funny thing about life. Black and white. Yin and yang. A balance. I live a life that is truly blessed. I never imagined any of this. And through all of it, my family and my friends have been there for me. I could never thank them enough. I think that is the greatest gift.

As for my health, I continue to get stronger everyday. I was fortunate enough to get a cancer that is, for the most part, easily treatable. Other than a radical neck dissection and complete thyroidectomy(which is where the giant scar on my neck came from), a few doses of radioactive iodine should take care of the rest. I wish I could report that I have the all clear, but it seems I still have some fight ahead of me. Between myself and my team of doctors, we remain optimistic. I always think to myself, what does that mean? Well, the surgery caused some trauma to muscles that stabilize my vocal chords. So other than a few cracked notes, I should heal over time and recover my full vocal range. The other challenge is trying to dial in the chemistry of my body that has been altered. I have always had an unusual amount of energy. It seems now, about twice a week, I am without that energy. Which is probably a good thing for my traveling party.  All kidding aside, I love music. I love my band. I will continue to tour with them and support our upcoming release.

If anyone has ever met me, you know firsthand that I am optimistic. Perhaps annoyingly optimistic. I cant help but find the good in everything. And other than the beginning of this journey, I have remained upbeat. Now I am just looking forward to kicking this things ass. I thank each and everyone of you who has supported me, my friends and the music we have created. I look forward to seeing you all at one of our upcoming shows.



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    Yellowcard has revealed...thyroid cancer. Read his post below from
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    Words cannot express how much I love this band. I wish Sean all the best and hope he makes a quick recovery!
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