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Yellowcard Challenges World With Yellowcard Impossible Game

We’re stoked to announce the release of our new, Yellowcard Impossible mobile game on the App Store and Google Play today at http://bit.ly/GetYCI

It’s a super cool extension of our Lift A Sail album that uses “Crash The Gates” and “One Bedroom” to create a challenging combination of rhythm and arcade gameplay powered by the music.


Love – Hate Relationship. If you like mobile games, especially challenging ones, you’re going to love Yellowcard Impossible…. and hate it….. and love it… and hate it…… and that’s exactly why you’re gonna love it. First, you move your character to catch the lyrics and beats in time with the music. That sounds simple enough. But at the same time, you must also battle buzzsaws, bombs, and sniper drones bent on destroying the lyrics or killing your favorite band character. It’s as if Guitar Hero hooked up with Call Of Duty while playing Yellowcard music on your phone or tablet.

Battle With The Band. In addition to being the coolest new game on the planet, Yellowcard Impossible will also be a fun new way to connect with the band and your friends. Hit the BRAG button to give yourself a shout out on Facebook or Twitter and challenge others to beat you. The band will also be playing, so Battle With The Band to try to beat their scores!